My super Sunday 🏎💨

So today we went to Beaulieu Supercar weekend. It isn’t something we usually do but we all absolutely loved it and are 100% doing it next year! Would recommend anyone who can to go.

We saw lots of lovely cars watched them speed down the stretch and watched them have a sound off in the main arena area.

Got lots of pictures of riley with the cars even saw a car with a number plate with nearly his name. He was so proud as you can see below.

He even got to sit in some of the cars and meet the drivers. Below is the guy who does a lot of YouTube videos.

Layla encountered grass for the very first time too when we sat and had our picnic. She froze when she was on her belly didn’t move a muscle (I need a patch in my flat for when I need to get on 😂) but she enjoyed it and after trying to stop her eating the grass for about 100 times we opted to feed her ice cream. 

By the end of the day though Rileys legs stopped working and Layla was evicted from her chair so riley could get pushed about. If only it was that easy for us adults.

But do you know what made today even more special? I finally got to meet my auntie (mums half sister) and her little family for the very first time. She was adopted as a baby and with thanks to my dad we finally met each other.

It was like an episode out of the UK programme long lost families and it wasn’t awkward or anything felt normal and like we’ve always known each other. I can’t wait to meet up again and get to know each other more.

So Today has been amazing and I’m going to bed knackered and sunburnt 🙈 but with a very big smile on my face.


Easter Half Term 2017

Wow 2 weeks of half term has come and gone rather quick and I know it sounds stupid but I’m actually looking forward to having some routine back in my life. 

I feel exhausted. It’s been my first half term where it’s me looking after both kids since Layla was born in November (Ben works nights). I was extremely lucky to have Ben off for 6 weeks after our little girl was born.

Trying to keep a 7 year old entertained and not bored during the holidays is not for the faint hearted when you have to see to a 4 month old baby, aswell as keeping a flat up together and overseeing the run of the business. Is hard work!! Multi-tasking at its finest right here!

I was not expecting these two weeks to tire me out as much as they have. I couldn’t wait for Layla’s bedtime just to chill (well more like falling asleep while my little pony is still playing). So having some routine that we have when it’s not half term I am looking forward to, although not being able to stay in my PJ’s for a extra hour I won’t be looking forward to.

So what have we done over the Easter break? Other than the normal mummy duties (the boring bits).

Well we have had our first BBQ of the year at Grandads house. We enjoyed the sunshine stuffed our faces and had a giggle. It was a very nice day.

Riley and Layla also had a day with their auntie Maezee and then a day with their auntie Jessie. The kids loved it being all silly  and burning off a lot of energy. They slept well both days so thanks girls.

We have had days just chilling at grandads house (with this nice weather we have been having it’s lovely to be able to get Riley and Layla out in the garden). 

Daddy also took us to the park for an ice cream. Riley was in his element and made a few new friends. Swear that boy can make friends anywhere, but then kids are just so innocent. Layla loved trying daddy’s ice cream for the first time….

She didn’t like daddy to much once he took the ice cream away though. (We only let her have a little bit).

Also over the half term period little lady has cut not one but two teeth!!! Thankfully now they have cut through she’s back to sleeping all through the night starting from 8/8:30pm. Although 5:30am seems to be the new wake up time.

We was lucky enough to have the bank holiday weekend with daddy. Daddy let mummy have a much needed catch up on some sleep. I could actually take one of my sleeping tablets prescribed by the doctor. I can’t take them when Ben’s working and I’m on my own with the little people. 

Daddy also gave mummy a little treat and took her to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. Which I loved and cannot wait to buy on DVD

Easter Sunday came round quick and we had a tasty gammon roast dinner at grandads house. Even Layla got to try one of grandads roasts. She liked it a lot. She’s a definite foody. 

Didn’t like Easter Sunday though when the bloody car decided to play up though!!!

We also booked our first lot of tickets ready for our holiday. (See previous post Holiday for 2018 is booked). Cannot wait to take Riley to swim with the dolphins. Unfortunately Layla will be too little. But it just means we get to go back and do it again for her. (Any excuse for me haha).

All in all it’s been a lovely Easter break with family and friends. Layla loved her first Easter, Riley was good and got way to much chocolate. They both enjoyed spending so much time with everyone too.

Back to routine tomorrow though…


Holiday for 2018 is booked…

So this weekend we done it 🙈 we booked a holiday for 2018. It seems so far away but we need time to save and I want to wait for Layla to be older so I can enjoy the holiday more and not have to lumber bottles formula etc with me. 

So when we go Riley will be 8 years old and Layla will be 21 months! That’s crazy to think. 

So where are we going do you ask… we are going for 2 weeks in the sunshine state Florida, to see Mickey Mouse. I cannot wait to see our little people’s faces.

This type of holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is ours. I have been very privileged as a child to go many times with my family and I feel extremely lucky to be able to give my children holidays aswell as not every family can afford to. 

We took Riley to Florida back in 2013 when he was just 3 years old so going back has been a long time coming and there be so much more he can do now. It’s exciting to think about. He loved it then I’m sure he’s going to love it even more now! 

So our holiday count down begins the savings start. It will be worth all the hard work when we get two weeks of family fun time relaxing in our own private villa, visiting theme parks, shopping and eating in some pretty cool places.

And for the record.. I look forward to the fine from the school as we are taking our son out of school during term time cause I was not paying three thousand pound more just to go in half term. That’s our spending money!!

Where’s everyone else’s favourite places to go on holiday and when’s your favourite time to go?


Rileys Birthday Party

When your a child growing up and you have a big party where you can invite all your class friends and have 30 plus kids there. You think it’s pretty awesome and the best day ever!


Riley had his birthday party today (he turns 7 on Monday). This year we decided to let him have a hall with a magician/disco entertainer. Usually we either have a day out to a theme park or a small party of 5-10 kids doing bowling, trampolining or something like that.

Crazy M the entertainer we had was really good, she kept all the kids entertained AND she had a real life rabbit! Yes a real rabbit at the kids party. The kids loved it. She really was awesome with the kids and definitely helped making things less stressful.

The cake was absolutely lovely and was so pleased Thank you to Lorna (Thebakingmuma23)

That a side. It was stressful. Me & Ben paid so much money for everything and I hardly saw any of the party because I was doing drinks keeping the place tidy talking to parents making sure kids didn’t make a great escape outside, cutting cake, putting cake in party bags! Just trying to keep everyone happy.

The headache from all the screaming overexcited kids to.. wow! But at least they all had fun and an amazing time which made the money well worth it.

It was a 2 hour party and half way through I was already ready for a BIG glass of wine! 

But like I said before every single child that came had an absolutely lovely time and all told Riley what a good time they had. So it definetly made it all worth while.

One thing that does annoy me though is you invite so many people to a big birthday party and so many say that they will come (so you allocate to do enough food, party bags etc) and then they don’t even bother showing up or even letting you know that they are not coming anymore. Then when you say about it to them you get ignored!! RUDE!! I go out of my way when it’s Riley to make sure I message. firstly if he is able to come or not and then if plans change and he can’t come I let the parent know! It’s only polite and not only that opens up a space for someone else who will genuinely come! If I was paying for a party that was per head I feel like I’d send an invoice to them for wasting my money it annoys me that much! It just really infuriates me and if it was on the other foot they wouldn’t like it. There should of been 40 kids at Rileys party today that had confirmed they would be there and only 29 showed up! Really made my devil horns show it frustrated me that much!

But our little boy was not disappointed and was so grateful to everyone that came and gave him a gift or a card. Seeing his smile today made everything worth while and every single child that came was a pleasure to have as they where all good as gold.

Although I will not be in a rush to do another big party like that anytime soon!

Now where’s my glass of wine….


My First blog post

Hiya, so my name is Kayleigh. Im currently 27 years young and live with my two beautiful children Riley (6) and Layla (4 months) and not forgetting their Daddy Ben who is the big 30 this year!

Im a full time mummy to our little prince and princess but im also a business woman with my own business with my dad which has been running since January 2014. Our Business website is www.rightplancomms.co.uk

Juggling being a full time mummy and work isnt easy or for the faint hearted, its really hard work and most days leaves me exhausted and going to bed the same time as the kids but I do it to my best ability to try and build a better future for my babies. I love my family and the job I do so what more could a woman ask for?

I first got with Ben in December 2008 and for a long time we had an on and off relationship we brought the best and the worst out of each other but since January 2016 we have been a solid unit and I can honestly say me and our little family have never been happier.

Our not so little Prince Riley was born in March 2010 after 11 hours of labour on just gas and air weighing 7lb 2.5oz. As soon as he was born I knew I had found my purpose in life.. I had never known the meaning of true love until you hold your little baby for the first time and he continues to amaze me each and every day he grows and learns. He even teaches me a few things aswell.

In Sept 2015 we was left with heartache after I miscarried our baby at 12 weeks. I have honestly never felt pain and heartache like it in all my life. Although we never got to meet our little angel baby, we already loved him/her as if they did come into this world and we will never forget them.

Then to our absolute shock our little Layla was born in November 2016. From what I thought was a sickness bug I caught off of Riley actually turned out to be a beautiful healthy baby girl born after a quick 4 hours of labour again just on gas and air weighing 7lb 2oz. I was worried that I could never love another child like my first but when I held her in my arms I felt my heart double in size and my love for her was equal to her brothers.

Watching Riley and Layla build their bond as brother and sister is absolutely amazing and they completely idolise each other, although no doubt they will have there moments. Watching these two grow as individuals and together makes my heart want to burst im so happy and in love with my little people and they will always be my babies no matter how old they get.

Im extremely close to my dad, Hes my idol and I honestly have not met a man who would do above and beyond for his family. We are his everything.

Then theres my best friend Beki, the stories we have would make excellent TV, maybe as my blogs go on, you may get to hear a few (Not the embarrasing ones haha).

This is our story and journey as a family and my opinions on certain topics and maybe also a bit of advice on issues I have personally experienced.