Holiday for 2018 is booked…

So this weekend we done it 🙈 we booked a holiday for 2018. It seems so far away but we need time to save and I want to wait for Layla to be older so I can enjoy the holiday more and not have to lumber bottles formula etc with me. 

So when we go Riley will be 8 years old and Layla will be 21 months! That’s crazy to think. 

So where are we going do you ask… we are going for 2 weeks in the sunshine state Florida, to see Mickey Mouse. I cannot wait to see our little people’s faces.

This type of holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is ours. I have been very privileged as a child to go many times with my family and I feel extremely lucky to be able to give my children holidays aswell as not every family can afford to. 

We took Riley to Florida back in 2013 when he was just 3 years old so going back has been a long time coming and there be so much more he can do now. It’s exciting to think about. He loved it then I’m sure he’s going to love it even more now! 

So our holiday count down begins the savings start. It will be worth all the hard work when we get two weeks of family fun time relaxing in our own private villa, visiting theme parks, shopping and eating in some pretty cool places.

And for the record.. I look forward to the fine from the school as we are taking our son out of school during term time cause I was not paying three thousand pound more just to go in half term. That’s our spending money!!

Where’s everyone else’s favourite places to go on holiday and when’s your favourite time to go?