When should you get your child a mobile phone?

So when is the right time to get your child a mobile phone?

Riley has just turned 7 and seems to think he is now old enough for a mobile phone! I don’t think so little man.

As a business women where I earn a living from selling mobile contracts with the major networks to those that have their own business or are self employed I’m surrounded by mobiles on daily basis (www.rightplancomms.co.uk). 

I have my own mobile phone. So am I being hypercritical for denying my son a mobile phone?

Hear me out. Firstly he’s 7! Am I wrong for wanting to protect him for as long as possible from the world of social media and maybe online bullying? 

You hear over and over again on documentaries and the news of children being bullied online so they have no escape.  Online bullying that can cause so many issues for a child mentally where a percentage of children take their own life!! They can’t even be at home to get away from the bullying which should feel the safest place in the world for any child. So am I not doing a good thing keeping our home this safe place for him for as long as possible by blocking his online access?

Don’t get me wrong Riley has a PS4 that he can play games etc on but we have not signed him up with a online profile so he cannot play games and talk to people around the world. I’m absolutely terrified of all this online grooming that goes on. 

He also has a IPad that he has family members numbers on so he can use FaceTime, children’s YouTube so I can keep an eye and allow what he watches and again he has games on here. He knows the rules when it comes to the Ipad. If he plays a game where other people can interact with him (roblox) he is only allowed to play these in the presence of an adult. If he breaks this rule he losses his iPad for a week and that game gets removed!

I personally don’t think a child needs a mobile until they start secondary school (around 12/13 years old). Even then though I will still try to protect both my children for as long as possible. I feel in today’s era our children are growing up well before needed. Keep them as children for as long as possible I say. 

So unfortunately Riley you have a while yet before mummy and daddy get you a mobile phone. Much to his disappointment. He will just have to make do with what he’s got! 

Am I being to strict? Am I not being strict enough? What’s your views and tips about this topic I would love to hear them.


My little treat from Ben 🍿

So today Ben had a little surprise for me.

He wouldn’t tell me anything what we was doing and sorted our good friends Michelle & Mark to watch the kids so he could treat me.

Well he took me to see one of my favourite childhood films the new live action movie. Beauty and the beast. My excitement was unreal I felt like a child again I couldn’t wait to watch it.

Before the film started we went for some food at TGI Fridays. We ordered.. waited.. waited.. and waited some more. Thinking they must of been out shooting the cow for our burgers we was about to complain when our waiter came over to apologise. They had a technical error and although our order was placed on the system it didn’t go over to the chefs system. Arrrgggghhhh we was starving by this time but was assured our order was now taking priority. We didn’t have to make a complaint the manager came straight over and gave us 25% discount and 5 minutes later our food arrived and it was really nice.

Then it was time for our film. Not only was Ben treating me to a cinema trip but we went to the newest cinema with… wait for it.. recliner chairs!!! It was so awesome I didn’t have dead legs or a bad back from the usual uncomfy cinema seats.

The film… I loved it. Totally lived up to my expectations. Had all the classic songs you love in the original animated movie plus new ones. I couldn’t help but sing along to the ones I knew in my head.

I loved the slight plot changes too (I won’t say unless someone is reading this who hasn’t yet seen it). 

It was a great film and I will be buying it on DVD when it’s released.

Ben dozed off during the film. Had to nudge him because he started to snore. Bless him he was so tired from work but still made the time and effort to treat me and give me a break from being mummy for a few hours. 

Had a lovely day catching up just the two of us and watching a film I’ve been so eager to see but also couldn’t wait to get home and snuggle with our babies and watch a film of Rileys choice. 

All in all a lovely day.


To Shave or NOT to Shave….

So today while I got a brief moment to myself I caught up on a little bit of day time TV.

So on this morning, they where having a debate on if woman should shave or not after Madonnas daughter hit the headlines for letting her armpit hair go on show.

It’s armpits at dawn on the debate. Click here to watch the debate I saw.

I personally don’t like arm pit hair on myself so I shave, but then I have PCOS so I don’t like my excess facial hair either so that gets plucked on a regular basis. However I do only shave my legs on a need to basis. I’ve been known to leave my legs a month before. This is mainly in the winter. I tell my other half it’s to keep my legs warm (he doesn’t believe me) but really it’s cause I cannot be bothered and I’m wearing trousers so no ones exactly going to see them! 

How do I feel about body hair on other women? To be honest it doesn’t really bother me. Every one is a individual and entitled to do as they please. Just the same as people who get tattoos. It’s the persons personal preference. If I saw another woman with really long leg hair or arm pit hair I would likely be shocked as it isn’t something you would usually see but I wouldn’t be disgusted by it or really have an opinion on that individual. Everyone is entitled to express themselves and do not have to follow the stereotypes the media place upon both men and women and even children for that matter. 

So I say do as you please, shave or don’t shave it’s your choice. Just find it amusing how the media make such a hype over someone not shaving THEIR body hair!!

But tell me which side of the fence are you on?


Holiday for 2018 is booked…

So this weekend we done it 🙈 we booked a holiday for 2018. It seems so far away but we need time to save and I want to wait for Layla to be older so I can enjoy the holiday more and not have to lumber bottles formula etc with me. 

So when we go Riley will be 8 years old and Layla will be 21 months! That’s crazy to think. 

So where are we going do you ask… we are going for 2 weeks in the sunshine state Florida, to see Mickey Mouse. I cannot wait to see our little people’s faces.

This type of holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is ours. I have been very privileged as a child to go many times with my family and I feel extremely lucky to be able to give my children holidays aswell as not every family can afford to. 

We took Riley to Florida back in 2013 when he was just 3 years old so going back has been a long time coming and there be so much more he can do now. It’s exciting to think about. He loved it then I’m sure he’s going to love it even more now! 

So our holiday count down begins the savings start. It will be worth all the hard work when we get two weeks of family fun time relaxing in our own private villa, visiting theme parks, shopping and eating in some pretty cool places.

And for the record.. I look forward to the fine from the school as we are taking our son out of school during term time cause I was not paying three thousand pound more just to go in half term. That’s our spending money!!

Where’s everyone else’s favourite places to go on holiday and when’s your favourite time to go?


Primary School Homework

My blog yesterday Should parents be allowed to take children out of school for holidays, talked about how I felt about being allowed to take my children out of school in the UK to go abroad on a family holiday.

Today I want to talk about the amount of homework primary school children get (ages 4-7).

Yesterday Riley came home from school (last day for the 2 week Easter break) with 5 pieces of homework, plus spellings and a reading diary to do. To be honest this seems to be the usual weekly amount at the moment. Is it just me or do you feel that is to much for a 7 year old? 

Homework in primary schools is not compulsory but it is officially encouraged. Seriously though does it have to be that much?

It’s been in the news lately about not being able to take children out of school during term time without facing a £60 fine per child, per parent so doesn’t that make school holidays even more important to have quality family time?

Not only that but what about parents who have more than one child at school or a baby (like myself) or even work full time for that matter! I don’t want to be spending what little quality time I have after school and during the school breaks doing homework!! 

I mean they are children, I personally think school holidays is for them to relax and unwind from all the hard work they have been doing and do what all kids want to do. Have fun and make memories. Memories are important and I be damned if my kids grow up and all they ever remember is going to school and do homework.

The only homework I will be doing with Riley this half term is his reading! If he wants to do his other homework that’s fine but it is his choice! 

I plan to have a fun half term making memories that both I and Riley can cherish in the future. That’s what having a family is all about after all!

Let me know what your views are on primary school children getting so much homework!


Should parents be allowed to take children on holiday during term time?

So today the news has been all about the topic “should parents be allowed to take children on holiday during term time?”. After a father lost his Supreme Court battle. Click here to read the full story.

So I ask all you mummies, daddies and lovely people what’s your view, Should you be allowed to take your children on holiday during term time?

I personally think parents should be allowed to take their own children on holiday whenever they can afford. I will continue to take my children on holiday whenever I can afford regardless if it is in term time or not! I’d rather pay the fine then pay double to go away. 

I took my son Riley (6 at the time) on holiday last year to Turkey. During our trip he learnt about Turkish culture and traditions, saw real life sea turtles and walked along the sea turtles own protected beach. He also learnt about Turkish currency and swam in the sea from the boat we was on all the way to the beach to pick up a sea shell, I was so proud of his little achievement and everything he learned. He couldn’t of learned any of that sat in a classroom.

I do not deny children’s education is extremely important. I just think parents once a year or even every other year have the right to take their children on holiday. Family time and being able to create memories is just as important, but that’s just me.

I would love to hear your views.


The Coil contraception & Smear Tests.

So yesterday I went and had the copper coil contraceptive fitted at my doctors. I had done a lot of research and previously went to my doctors for more advice before making my decision. Ben wont get the snip (vasectomy) so it was down to me.

My main reason was to obviously stop me getting pregnant and a contraceptive I didn’t have to make sure I took each day (I didn’t want the responsibility – I wanted to be lazy!)

But my biggest reason is with the copper coil doesn’t produce any hormones and from previous contraceptives (the pill & the implant) I had been taking my doctors deemed I was sensitive to the hormones in them. Basically I turned into a dragon and poor Ben had to put up with me.

So after talking through with both Ben (my partner) and my doctor I made an appointment to have it done. If you want to know more about the copper coil the pros and cons and how it works Click here to visit the NHS website.

The day of my appointment came (yesterday at 3:20pm) I am sat in the waiting room starting to feel abit nervous for what is about to happen I done all my research and knew it can feel uncomfortable and could have period like pains after woods but even still I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Then I feel myself saying in my head “Kayleigh get a grip you have given birth twice!”.

My name gets called, no running away now so in I go. I have to say the doctor was so nice and really put me at ease she explained exactly what would happen and how and made sure I was okay and answered all my questions I had. 

It sounds silly but my only question was can you feel it when you have sex. She assured me you shouldn’t but if you did it would just be the thread in which case go back and they can cut it abit shorter so you don’t. Phewww.

THEN the doctor says “oh it’s showing on the system you need a smear test too. We’re do that while we are here saves you making another appointment!” Are you for real I only got myself mentally ready to have the coil not a bloody smear test aswell but oh well let’s get it over and done with!

She decided to do the smear test first… ouch! (To those that don’t know what a smear test is Click here to visit the NHS website where it explains what it is and what its for). If your offered a smear test please do it. It really can save lives. My test felt extremely uncomfortable, but the doctor said I have good muscles and shouldn’t need tenna lady when I’m older. Which made me laugh and wasn’t to sure if it was a compliment I was after while she’s staring up my vagina.

Having my smear test just put me in a bad frame of mind that the coil being fitted would be worse than this…

It wasn’t. The coil was fitted and all done within a few minutes. I only had a sharp pain in my right side of my womb for a few seconds and it was done.

Im not going to lie the period type pains I had pretty mych straight after felt like mini contractions that you have when you first go into labour and I felt like absolute poo I just wanted to go home and curl up in bed. Luckily Ben helped me out and let me have a nice relaxing bath which really helped and so far today I have just had cramping like you get with any normal period. It’s manageable.

That’s it now no smear test for another 2 or 3 years and now I’m protected from getting pregnant for 5-10 years. I just need to go for a check up in 6 weeks so the doctor can see how my body has taken to it. 

Moral of the story is don’t always listen to people’s horror stories when it comes to smear tests or coil fitting. Yes it’s uncomfortable and yes some people have worse experiences than others but like we say about our children. Everyone is different and every woman has different pain thresholds.