Lego cards…

So the supermarket Sainsbury’s started doing for every £10 you spend in store you earn 1 pack of Lego cards….

So family and friends started collecting them for Riley (I don’t personally shop in Sainsbury’s and while these cards where available I reminded myself why… they are much more expensive than ASDA (equivalent to Walmart) or Tesco). 

Grandad was pretty awesome and managed to get hold of a box of Lego cards from someone who works at Sainsbury’s after the stopped giving them away. He got 300 packets… each packet has 4 cards so he got 1200 Lego cards. Out of all those cards did he get all 140 he needed to complete the Lego book he also got… NOPE!

So then it was down to mummy to help little man finish his book. After a week of swapping, sending cards through the post and about £20 spent on stamps I finally finished Lego cards book off. 

Riley was made up said I was super mum for helping him complete it… I however am glad to see the back of these lego cards and if I don’t see anymore I will be happy..

So thanks Sainsbury’s but please don’t be in any rush to do anything like that again 😂


A dogs purpose film review

 I absolutely LOVED this film. It had me laughing and crying throughout the whole film. 

My other half thought I was a bit potty one minute crying at the film and then the next minute laughing.

It really was a enjoyable family film to watch. We all enjoyed it.

The story tells us of one particular dog, trying to find his purpose in life and all the dog lives it took to find this purpose and how with all his lives he finds his way back to one particular person.. Ethan.

I don’t want to give to much away if you haven’t seen the film, but trust me it is definetly a film to watch. I honestly feel I could watch this film over and over again.

It has 10/10 for the family film in our household. We loved it. 


My little treat from Ben 🍿

So today Ben had a little surprise for me.

He wouldn’t tell me anything what we was doing and sorted our good friends Michelle & Mark to watch the kids so he could treat me.

Well he took me to see one of my favourite childhood films the new live action movie. Beauty and the beast. My excitement was unreal I felt like a child again I couldn’t wait to watch it.

Before the film started we went for some food at TGI Fridays. We ordered.. waited.. waited.. and waited some more. Thinking they must of been out shooting the cow for our burgers we was about to complain when our waiter came over to apologise. They had a technical error and although our order was placed on the system it didn’t go over to the chefs system. Arrrgggghhhh we was starving by this time but was assured our order was now taking priority. We didn’t have to make a complaint the manager came straight over and gave us 25% discount and 5 minutes later our food arrived and it was really nice.

Then it was time for our film. Not only was Ben treating me to a cinema trip but we went to the newest cinema with… wait for it.. recliner chairs!!! It was so awesome I didn’t have dead legs or a bad back from the usual uncomfy cinema seats.

The film… I loved it. Totally lived up to my expectations. Had all the classic songs you love in the original animated movie plus new ones. I couldn’t help but sing along to the ones I knew in my head.

I loved the slight plot changes too (I won’t say unless someone is reading this who hasn’t yet seen it). 

It was a great film and I will be buying it on DVD when it’s released.

Ben dozed off during the film. Had to nudge him because he started to snore. Bless him he was so tired from work but still made the time and effort to treat me and give me a break from being mummy for a few hours. 

Had a lovely day catching up just the two of us and watching a film I’ve been so eager to see but also couldn’t wait to get home and snuggle with our babies and watch a film of Rileys choice. 

All in all a lovely day.


Disney Kingdoms 

So anyone that knows me, knows I love everything Disney. Being a mum just gives me an excuse to relive my Disney days (not that I needed that excuse but people seem to be able to accept it more now that I do).

Anyway Riley came in one day and after seeing a advert on of corse the Disney channel asked for this new app called “Disney kingdoms” so as a good mummy as he asked so very nicely I downloaded the game onto my phone and started to let him play it….

That night I went to bed and my phone buzzed and it was this bloody game. Thought I’d be a nice mummy and do it for him so he got further in the game.. I so shouldn’t of done that…

It’s now been 2 weeks on… Riley isn’t allowed to play my phone game anymore and has his own Disney kingdoms on his iPad (when he plays my game he spends all my gems I work so hard to collect). 

I’m literally addicted to it. When ever I get 5mins to myself (which isn’t very often with a soon to be 7 year old and a 4 month old but when I do) your catch me playing this bloody game instead of doing what other parents do when they have 5mins to themselves. What do you do again? Why did Riley have to introduce me to it lol.

The only thing I find frustrating with this game is because apple have removed the game centre off the handsets you can only log into it in your settings now, you have no way of adding your friends (so I can add Riley of corse and we can help each other send items). So anyone that works within apple come on guys sort it out!!

Me & Riley sit next to each other and play this game together. He tells me some parts I need to do and I tell him others. We’re a team but with our own little Disney kingdoms. (Before anyone starts he is limited on the amount of time he plays on iPads, game consoles etc but to be honest he actually prefers drawing and writing stories his imagination is amazing). 

If you or you children like all things Disney I would highly recommend this app!

Has anyone else done something for the kids and then found they got slightly addicted to it? Let me know your guilty pleasures.