About Me & My Family

Hiya, so my name is Kayleigh and I live with my two beautiful children Riley and Layla and not forgetting their Daddy Ben.

Im a full time mummy to our little prince and princess but im also a business woman with my own business with my dad which has been running since January 2014. Our Business website is www.rightplancomms.co.uk

Juggling being a full time mummy and work isnt easy or for the faint hearted, its really hard work but I do it to my best ability to try and build a better future for my babies. I love my family and the job I do so what more could a woman ask for?

I first got with Ben in December 2008 and for a long time we had an on and off relationship but since January 2016 we have been a solid unit and I can honestly say me and our little family have never been happier.

Our not so little Prince Riley was born in March 2010 after 11 hours of labour on just gas and air weighing 7lb 2.5oz. As soon as he was born I knew I had found my purpose in life.. I had never known the meaning of true love until you hold your little baby for the first time and he continues to amaze me each and every day he grows and learns. He even teaches me a few things aswell.

In Sept 2015 we was left with heartache after I miscarried our baby at 12 weeks. I have honestly never felt pain and heartache like it in all my life. Although we never got to meet our little angel baby, we already loved him/her as if they did come into this world and we will never forget them.

Then to our absolute shock our little Layla was born in November 2016. From what I thought was a sickness bug I caught off of Riley actually turned out to be a beautiful healthy baby girl born after a quick 4 hours of labour again just on gas and air weighing 7lb 2oz. I was worried that I could never love another child like my first but when I held her in my arms I felt my heart double in size and my love for her was equal to her brothers.

Watching Riley and Layla build their bond as brother and sister is absolutely amazing and they completely idolise each other, although no doubt they will have there moments. Watching these two grow as individuals and together makes my heart want to burst im so happy and in love with my little people and they will always be my babies no matter how old they get.

Im extremely close to my dad, Hes my idol and I honestly have not met a man who would do above and beyond for his family. We are his everything.

Then theres my best friend Beki, the stories we have would make excellent TV, maybe as my blogs go on, you may get to hear a few (Not the embarrasing ones haha).

This is our story and journey as a family and my opinions on certain topics and maybe also a bit of advice on issues I have personally experienced.