Celine Dion Live 2017

So on Saturday 29th July 2017 my lovely daddy treated me to see Celine Dion at the London O2 arena.

My dad absolutely loves her music and I was brought up listening to it. When I was younger I remember travelling to Blackbush market singing at the top of my lungs with my friends Beki & Sammie. Good job dad didn’t record us we must of sounded like a cats chior!

My dad had only been to her concert 5 weeks earlier on his own but when he heard she added some extra dates well he just had to go again and take me along too. I’m such a lucky girl.

As usual he got his PA to book the tickets. His PA is me by the way I think he would be totally lost without me sometimes. His age shows sometimes (only joking dad).

We travelled up (Southampton to London can be a bit of a drive) had something to eat before going through security to get our seats.

Going through security was an experience. I went through no problems, dad went through and the lady said sorry sir I’m going to have to give you a quick pat down. Always has to be my dad. Anyway she patted my dad down and turns round “sir you have something hard in your pocket” my dad being the filthy minded bugger he is started to giggle said I know story of my life love and pulled out a packet of polo mints. To say me, dad and the people around had a giggle while the poor lady looked embarrassed was a understatement. 

We went to the block 101 of the London O2 arena and was directed to our seats. We was getting closer and closer to the front and I could actually see my dads smile getting bigger and bigger. We was so close to the stage we felt we had hit the jackpot.

We was actually going to see her in person and we could actually watch the lady herself rather than the big screens. We couldn’t wait and was definetly counting our lucky stars.

So at 8pm the support act came on to warm the crowd up. Wow she was amazing herself and I would actually pay money to see her in her own concert. She was a song impersonator and she was bloody brilliant.

That’s her…. she sung songs of SIA / Susan Boyle / Whitney / Tina Turner / Mariah / Adele and so on. She sounded just like them. (Below is a sneak peak of her.. can you guess who she’s singing?).

​After her the lady herself came on stage. Our seats didn’t disappoint we actually watched the lady herself preform right in front of us. We didn’t need to look at the big screens provided once! (The pics do not do her justice)

She preformed all the classics, told us how much she respects the song writer Pink for writing a song to help her cope with the death of her husband. She was absolutely brilliant and may I just say she can sing live. Her voice is just as amazing live as you hear on TV / CDs / Radio and her music DVDs etc. Her concert was probably the best concert I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a few). I will treat you to a snippet of her singing live to the classic beauty and the beast. Honestly if you like her music and ever get the opportunity GO AND SEE HER!!

I throughly enjoyed the whole evening. But do you know the best bit of all? I got to spend some quality time with my daddy and make a memory that only the two of us will share for the rest of our lives. 

Its definetly been one to remember and one I will forever cherish. Thank you and I love you dad xx


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