Lego cards…

So the supermarket Sainsbury’s started doing for every £10 you spend in store you earn 1 pack of Lego cards….

So family and friends started collecting them for Riley (I don’t personally shop in Sainsbury’s and while these cards where available I reminded myself why… they are much more expensive than ASDA (equivalent to Walmart) or Tesco). 

Grandad was pretty awesome and managed to get hold of a box of Lego cards from someone who works at Sainsbury’s after the stopped giving them away. He got 300 packets… each packet has 4 cards so he got 1200 Lego cards. Out of all those cards did he get all 140 he needed to complete the Lego book he also got… NOPE!

So then it was down to mummy to help little man finish his book. After a week of swapping, sending cards through the post and about £20 spent on stamps I finally finished Lego cards book off. 

Riley was made up said I was super mum for helping him complete it… I however am glad to see the back of these lego cards and if I don’t see anymore I will be happy..

So thanks Sainsbury’s but please don’t be in any rush to do anything like that again 😂


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