Easter Half Term 2017

Wow 2 weeks of half term has come and gone rather quick and I know it sounds stupid but I’m actually looking forward to having some routine back in my life. 

I feel exhausted. It’s been my first half term where it’s me looking after both kids since Layla was born in November (Ben works nights). I was extremely lucky to have Ben off for 6 weeks after our little girl was born.

Trying to keep a 7 year old entertained and not bored during the holidays is not for the faint hearted when you have to see to a 4 month old baby, aswell as keeping a flat up together and overseeing the run of the business. Is hard work!! Multi-tasking at its finest right here!

I was not expecting these two weeks to tire me out as much as they have. I couldn’t wait for Layla’s bedtime just to chill (well more like falling asleep while my little pony is still playing). So having some routine that we have when it’s not half term I am looking forward to, although not being able to stay in my PJ’s for a extra hour I won’t be looking forward to.

So what have we done over the Easter break? Other than the normal mummy duties (the boring bits).

Well we have had our first BBQ of the year at Grandads house. We enjoyed the sunshine stuffed our faces and had a giggle. It was a very nice day.

Riley and Layla also had a day with their auntie Maezee and then a day with their auntie Jessie. The kids loved it being all silly  and burning off a lot of energy. They slept well both days so thanks girls.

We have had days just chilling at grandads house (with this nice weather we have been having it’s lovely to be able to get Riley and Layla out in the garden). 

Daddy also took us to the park for an ice cream. Riley was in his element and made a few new friends. Swear that boy can make friends anywhere, but then kids are just so innocent. Layla loved trying daddy’s ice cream for the first time….

She didn’t like daddy to much once he took the ice cream away though. (We only let her have a little bit).

Also over the half term period little lady has cut not one but two teeth!!! Thankfully now they have cut through she’s back to sleeping all through the night starting from 8/8:30pm. Although 5:30am seems to be the new wake up time.

We was lucky enough to have the bank holiday weekend with daddy. Daddy let mummy have a much needed catch up on some sleep. I could actually take one of my sleeping tablets prescribed by the doctor. I can’t take them when Ben’s working and I’m on my own with the little people. 

Daddy also gave mummy a little treat and took her to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. Which I loved and cannot wait to buy on DVD

Easter Sunday came round quick and we had a tasty gammon roast dinner at grandads house. Even Layla got to try one of grandads roasts. She liked it a lot. She’s a definite foody. 

Didn’t like Easter Sunday though when the bloody car decided to play up though!!!

We also booked our first lot of tickets ready for our holiday. (See previous post Holiday for 2018 is booked). Cannot wait to take Riley to swim with the dolphins. Unfortunately Layla will be too little. But it just means we get to go back and do it again for her. (Any excuse for me haha).

All in all it’s been a lovely Easter break with family and friends. Layla loved her first Easter, Riley was good and got way to much chocolate. They both enjoyed spending so much time with everyone too.

Back to routine tomorrow though…


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