To Shave or NOT to Shave….

So today while I got a brief moment to myself I caught up on a little bit of day time TV.

So on this morning, they where having a debate on if woman should shave or not after Madonnas daughter hit the headlines for letting her armpit hair go on show.

It’s armpits at dawn on the debate. Click here to watch the debate I saw.

I personally don’t like arm pit hair on myself so I shave, but then I have PCOS so I don’t like my excess facial hair either so that gets plucked on a regular basis. However I do only shave my legs on a need to basis. I’ve been known to leave my legs a month before. This is mainly in the winter. I tell my other half it’s to keep my legs warm (he doesn’t believe me) but really it’s cause I cannot be bothered and I’m wearing trousers so no ones exactly going to see them! 

How do I feel about body hair on other women? To be honest it doesn’t really bother me. Every one is a individual and entitled to do as they please. Just the same as people who get tattoos. It’s the persons personal preference. If I saw another woman with really long leg hair or arm pit hair I would likely be shocked as it isn’t something you would usually see but I wouldn’t be disgusted by it or really have an opinion on that individual. Everyone is entitled to express themselves and do not have to follow the stereotypes the media place upon both men and women and even children for that matter. 

So I say do as you please, shave or don’t shave it’s your choice. Just find it amusing how the media make such a hype over someone not shaving THEIR body hair!!

But tell me which side of the fence are you on?


2 thoughts on “To Shave or NOT to Shave….

  1. Lol, media… I can’t imagine caring what someone else does with their hairs. 😛
    I shave my legs about the same year round but that’s simply because I don’t like the feeling, not because of how it looks. I shave my arm pits every third day because the feeling drives me nuts. I have suspected PCOS as well and I’m still looking into hair removal options for my jawline. 😉

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    • I’m exactly the same. Each to their own. I have looked into permanent hair removal for my jawline too but here in the UK it is so expensive looks like I will be continuing to pluck the hairs for a while to come yet x


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