The Coil contraception & Smear Tests.

So yesterday I went and had the copper coil contraceptive fitted at my doctors. I had done a lot of research and previously went to my doctors for more advice before making my decision. Ben wont get the snip (vasectomy) so it was down to me.

My main reason was to obviously stop me getting pregnant and a contraceptive I didn’t have to make sure I took each day (I didn’t want the responsibility – I wanted to be lazy!)

But my biggest reason is with the copper coil doesn’t produce any hormones and from previous contraceptives (the pill & the implant) I had been taking my doctors deemed I was sensitive to the hormones in them. Basically I turned into a dragon and poor Ben had to put up with me.

So after talking through with both Ben (my partner) and my doctor I made an appointment to have it done. If you want to know more about the copper coil the pros and cons and how it works Click here to visit the NHS website.

The day of my appointment came (yesterday at 3:20pm) I am sat in the waiting room starting to feel abit nervous for what is about to happen I done all my research and knew it can feel uncomfortable and could have period like pains after woods but even still I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Then I feel myself saying in my head “Kayleigh get a grip you have given birth twice!”.

My name gets called, no running away now so in I go. I have to say the doctor was so nice and really put me at ease she explained exactly what would happen and how and made sure I was okay and answered all my questions I had. 

It sounds silly but my only question was can you feel it when you have sex. She assured me you shouldn’t but if you did it would just be the thread in which case go back and they can cut it abit shorter so you don’t. Phewww.

THEN the doctor says “oh it’s showing on the system you need a smear test too. We’re do that while we are here saves you making another appointment!” Are you for real I only got myself mentally ready to have the coil not a bloody smear test aswell but oh well let’s get it over and done with!

She decided to do the smear test first… ouch! (To those that don’t know what a smear test is Click here to visit the NHS website where it explains what it is and what its for). If your offered a smear test please do it. It really can save lives. My test felt extremely uncomfortable, but the doctor said I have good muscles and shouldn’t need tenna lady when I’m older. Which made me laugh and wasn’t to sure if it was a compliment I was after while she’s staring up my vagina.

Having my smear test just put me in a bad frame of mind that the coil being fitted would be worse than this…

It wasn’t. The coil was fitted and all done within a few minutes. I only had a sharp pain in my right side of my womb for a few seconds and it was done.

Im not going to lie the period type pains I had pretty mych straight after felt like mini contractions that you have when you first go into labour and I felt like absolute poo I just wanted to go home and curl up in bed. Luckily Ben helped me out and let me have a nice relaxing bath which really helped and so far today I have just had cramping like you get with any normal period. It’s manageable.

That’s it now no smear test for another 2 or 3 years and now I’m protected from getting pregnant for 5-10 years. I just need to go for a check up in 6 weeks so the doctor can see how my body has taken to it. 

Moral of the story is don’t always listen to people’s horror stories when it comes to smear tests or coil fitting. Yes it’s uncomfortable and yes some people have worse experiences than others but like we say about our children. Everyone is different and every woman has different pain thresholds. 


2 thoughts on “The Coil contraception & Smear Tests.

  1. Well done Kayleigh! I’ve had my copper coil 3 and a half years now and I love it! When I went back for check up and told doc my periods were shorter than usual she put a right downer on it and said that won’t last! They will get heavier and more painful! Well she was wrong! Don’t listen to the horror stories!! Xx


    • Totally with all the horror stories people where telling me I was bricking it and so far so good. I’m on day 3 and the pains have stopped and I feel fine wouldn’t even know I had it done. X


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