Rileys Birthday Party

When your a child growing up and you have a big party where you can invite all your class friends and have 30 plus kids there. You think it’s pretty awesome and the best day ever!


Riley had his birthday party today (he turns 7 on Monday). This year we decided to let him have a hall with a magician/disco entertainer. Usually we either have a day out to a theme park or a small party of 5-10 kids doing bowling, trampolining or something like that.

Crazy M the entertainer we had was really good, she kept all the kids entertained AND she had a real life rabbit! Yes a real rabbit at the kids party. The kids loved it. She really was awesome with the kids and definitely helped making things less stressful.

The cake was absolutely lovely and was so pleased Thank you to Lorna (Thebakingmuma23)

That a side. It was stressful. Me & Ben paid so much money for everything and I hardly saw any of the party because I was doing drinks keeping the place tidy talking to parents making sure kids didn’t make a great escape outside, cutting cake, putting cake in party bags! Just trying to keep everyone happy.

The headache from all the screaming overexcited kids to.. wow! But at least they all had fun and an amazing time which made the money well worth it.

It was a 2 hour party and half way through I was already ready for a BIG glass of wine! 

But like I said before every single child that came had an absolutely lovely time and all told Riley what a good time they had. So it definetly made it all worth while.

One thing that does annoy me though is you invite so many people to a big birthday party and so many say that they will come (so you allocate to do enough food, party bags etc) and then they don’t even bother showing up or even letting you know that they are not coming anymore. Then when you say about it to them you get ignored!! RUDE!! I go out of my way when it’s Riley to make sure I message. firstly if he is able to come or not and then if plans change and he can’t come I let the parent know! It’s only polite and not only that opens up a space for someone else who will genuinely come! If I was paying for a party that was per head I feel like I’d send an invoice to them for wasting my money it annoys me that much! It just really infuriates me and if it was on the other foot they wouldn’t like it. There should of been 40 kids at Rileys party today that had confirmed they would be there and only 29 showed up! Really made my devil horns show it frustrated me that much!

But our little boy was not disappointed and was so grateful to everyone that came and gave him a gift or a card. Seeing his smile today made everything worth while and every single child that came was a pleasure to have as they where all good as gold.

Although I will not be in a rush to do another big party like that anytime soon!

Now where’s my glass of wine….


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