Disney Kingdoms 

So anyone that knows me, knows I love everything Disney. Being a mum just gives me an excuse to relive my Disney days (not that I needed that excuse but people seem to be able to accept it more now that I do).

Anyway Riley came in one day and after seeing a advert on of corse the Disney channel asked for this new app called “Disney kingdoms” so as a good mummy as he asked so very nicely I downloaded the game onto my phone and started to let him play it….

That night I went to bed and my phone buzzed and it was this bloody game. Thought I’d be a nice mummy and do it for him so he got further in the game.. I so shouldn’t of done that…

It’s now been 2 weeks on… Riley isn’t allowed to play my phone game anymore and has his own Disney kingdoms on his iPad (when he plays my game he spends all my gems I work so hard to collect). 

I’m literally addicted to it. When ever I get 5mins to myself (which isn’t very often with a soon to be 7 year old and a 4 month old but when I do) your catch me playing this bloody game instead of doing what other parents do when they have 5mins to themselves. What do you do again? Why did Riley have to introduce me to it lol.

The only thing I find frustrating with this game is because apple have removed the game centre off the handsets you can only log into it in your settings now, you have no way of adding your friends (so I can add Riley of corse and we can help each other send items). So anyone that works within apple come on guys sort it out!!

Me & Riley sit next to each other and play this game together. He tells me some parts I need to do and I tell him others. We’re a team but with our own little Disney kingdoms. (Before anyone starts he is limited on the amount of time he plays on iPads, game consoles etc but to be honest he actually prefers drawing and writing stories his imagination is amazing). 

If you or you children like all things Disney I would highly recommend this app!

Has anyone else done something for the kids and then found they got slightly addicted to it? Let me know your guilty pleasures.


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