When is the right time to wean your baby?

So yesterday I went and got our little pudding Layla weighed. She’s 14lb 5oz at 18 weeks old (just over 4 months).

The HV (Heath Visitor) asked how she was getting on so as a mum you start relaying all what your baby does “she’s rolling over, sitting up with a little assistance, getting used to her jumperaroo and she’s started having a little baby food each day”.

The HV looked at me and said we don’t recommend babies start to be weaned now until they are 6 months old due to their stomachs not being strong enough!

Sorry but what a load of bollox! Maybe for some babies like babies born prematurely etc but my baby esp is more than ready to start to be weaned. Since having half a jar of baby food at around 5pm each day she sleeps between 8-11 hours each night and anybody with a baby knows how much of a godsend that is to have some uninterrupted sleep even more so when you have a soon to be 7 year old that still needs to go to school and you still have to oversea your own business being able to do these things without wanting to fall asleep on your feet is brilliant!

When Riley was a baby it was recommended to start weaning at 4 months and if you even look at baby food you can buy most is for 4 months plus!! I was weaned from 4 months also and there’s nothing wrong with mine or my sons stomach!! 

If Layla wasn’t ready for a small amount of baby food she wouldn’t take it or she would throw it up or have the runs! But she’s absolutely perfect and actually gets excited when she sees she is going to get some food and is starting to kick up a stink she wants it when it’s getting close to feeding baby food time.

She still has the “recommended” amount of baby milk each day, baby food is a top up and getting used to all these new tastes available to her so I don’t really see what the problem was?

I’m not a first time mum, whereas if I was I’d more than likely listen to their advice but I’ve already brought one child up who’s nearly 7 years old and is perfectly healthy and happy a little gobby at times but hey he’s a child they will test the boundaries. Not that he gets away with it.

So my reply to this HV was “she is ready to be weaned she isn’t poorly or it affecting her in a negative way I have already brought one child up who is nearly 7 and was told by a HV to wean him from 4 months when he was little so I will continue weaning Layla aswell I know it’s recommended now from 6 months but that’s generic and all babies are different”. HV didn’t looked too impressed but her reply was you know your baby best and aslong as she continues to put on weight the way she has been.

Victory for me I won’t be made to feel like I am doing something wrong (heard a lot of stories where mums are made to feel like this) and sometimes HV can come across like that if you don’t follow their guidelines but YOUR NOT! 

Parents know their children best. So if you feel it’s right to wean your baby from 4 months I’d say do it but if you feel you need to wait, wait. Every baby is different and as mummies and daddies we know what is best for our little people.

It really annoys me when HV tries to make you feel bad as your not following their recommendations! There recommendations it isn’t law so you as a parent have the choice! It also annoys me when it’s a HV who doesn’t even have kids.. makes you feel like saying when you have children and understand mummy struggles then I may consider your opinion on how to raise my child. But that’s just my view on things.

Another thing to think about… when I was a baby it was recommended by HV’s to lay babies on their tummys to prevent cot death. Whereas now it’s recommended (like I done with both Riley and Layla) to lay babies on their back to prevent cot death.

I strongly believe there is no right of wrong way. Every child is different and you do what best suits your baby.

What do you think of the don’t wean babies till they are 6 Months recommendation and when did you start weaning your little ones? Let me know your thoughts and views.


2 thoughts on “When is the right time to wean your baby?

  1. This is something I’ve dealt with, too. I have two teens, a five year old and a nine month old so the “old” recommendations are now voo-doo. Really?! My older kids were done wrong then? Gee, thanks! lol And us? Are we screwed up as well because I know these recommendations weren’t in place 30-something years ago either! 😛
    Do what you know is best, mama!

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    • Totally agree. How did we all survive back with the “old” recommendations! It’s extremely frustrating isn’t it esp when you have already had children. What is most annoying is they are only recommendations you have the choice not to follow them but they look at you as if you have committed a criminal offence if you choose not to follow them. It’s like you have met my baby for the first time for 5 minutes and you know what’s best to do to raise my baby when I’m the one there 24/7. Whatever lady. Mummies no best always x


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