Mothers Day 2017 πŸ’

So today was my first Mother’s Day being a mother of two. It didn’t feel any different from being a mother of one. It is and always will be just as special regardless of how many children I have. Just to have them around me and be excited to make sure I have a smile on my face for a special mummy’s day means the world.

I have to admit I’ve had a lovely day today. Daddy gave mummy a lay in as Ben got up with Layla this morning. 8:30am is a lay in for me when I’m usually up between 5-6 with the baby. He’s feeling it now though and looking forward to bed.

We just chilled out it was so nice and Ben done everything so I could just chill out and relax, although I had to help so done the washing even though I got told off for it. 

I got two beautiful cards and some sweeties. I’ve got a gift coming but it didn’t arrive on time even though I said I didn’t want anything just a card and a cuddle from the kids would of been enough for me but I really appreciate all the effort the kids and daddy have gone for me.

When I reflect on what is the meaning of Mother’s Day it isn’t about expensive gifts who gets the most or a competition, it’s about spending time as a family and appreciating what mums do and have done for you and what you as a mum have achieved when you look at your little people. I am so proud of my little people.

Felt a bit sad that my own mum wasn’t around (were not speaking at the moment but that’s for another blog when I feel ready to talk about it – still abit raw at the moment) but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her or appreciate what she done for me growing up or love her for that matter. It just makes me more determined to be a even better mum to my two little gems and to always put them first before ANYONE!

What did the mums who read my post get upto and get for Mother’s Day?


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