A Fussy Eater & My Victory

Does anyone else have a child that is a fussy eater? What won’t your child eat?

Ever since Riley started school he’s been a nightmare to eat certain foods “because his friends don’t eat that”& “that tastes funny”. He’s always been perfect eating fruit he eats every kind apart from bananas! 

It was a nightmare continually having to cook 2 different dinners or try and hide vegetables (other than carrots, peas and sweet corn) in other foods so he didn’t notice. I was at my whits end.

I tried even making dinners into fun shapes for him to eat, getting plates that revealed a picture if he ate his dinner, even being strict not letting him down from the table unless half his dinner was eaten but literally nothing I tried seemed to work.

One time I even tried getting Riley to eat a omelette (my biggest battle with him is eggs, he eat eggs if it’s baked like in cakes etc but won’t eat things like scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs or omelettes). I tried tricking him by making a omelette but making it look like a pizza (putting tomato sauce, cheese, ham and sweet corn on top). We all had one and it was actually really nice but he had one bite and he refused to eat it! There was no fooling this child.


I solved it so far anyway…. for the past two weeks I’ve been making different dinners each day and with the dinners he has never tried before or didn’t like before me & his daddy would make a separate dinner for Riley so he didn’t feel the pressure to eat what we was having and just asked him to try what we had and give us his opinion… IT BLOODY WORKED sometimes he even asked for more of what we had!! I’m so happy.

So far Riley will now eat

  • Butter chicken curry
  • Shepards pie
  • All types of Casserole
  • Mexican chicken
  • Jacket potatoe with cheese and beans
  • Black pudding
  • Swede/runner beans/cabbage
  • Cucumber

It might not sound much but it opens up so many new meals we can have as a whole family now rather than having to cook 2 different ones.

We still need to conquer Eggs but we are definitely heading in the right direction.

What’s your tips and victories with your fussy eaters?


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